GD/GDR Series - Submersible Portable Dewatering / Residue Water Pumps

  • GD/GDR Series - Submersible Portable Dewatering / Residue Water Pumps

GD Series
●  The GD models are designed for the construction industry because they are lightweight, portable, and
durable. The motor frame and mechanical seal bracket are made of aluminum alloy - that provides extra water cooling, to the motor, when water flows through. Features an all new design with exchangeable discharges, that are available in vertical and horizontal orientation. They also provide extra adaptability and flexibility to various conditions of installations, such as: confined spaces, 8 inch narrow wells or shallow water.
●  The model is equipped with: mechanical seals (silicon carbide), epoxy resin cable, watertight body structure that meets IP68 requirements, an auto-cut motor protector, and a water-cooling motor.
●  The impeller and the hydraulic components are made of a special rubber that is durable and capable of handling construction site dewatering.
●  The models are available in the manual version and the automatic version - equipped with a built in floating switch to automatically switch the pump on and off.
●  The impeller is made with an urethane rubber that provides extra wear-resistance on construction site dewatering.

GDR Series
●  A water cooling motor with rubber suction pads for residual removal as low as 1 mm (0.39"). Start up at water level of 5 mm.
●  The best pump for removing water from flat surfaces because of its portability and light weight.
●  IP68, an auto-cut motor protector and rubberized hydraulic components that can withstand any tough applications.

Technical Table of Contents (PDF)

✉ GD/GDR 50Hz
✉ GD/GDR 60Hz


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GD Series
●  Civil engineering, dewatering of tunneling and ground works, and for use in storm water sewers.
●  Dewatering of fluids containing solids.
●  Ease of mobility for use by contractors, installers and service industries.

GDR Series
●  Basement / Pool / Pond water removal.
●  Residential, Commercial residue dewatering.